Host1Plus Review

If you are looking for web hosting service, Host1Plus is the best way to go. Host1Plus was born in 2008 to provide web hosting service to Lithuania. They expanded their hosting services very soon to The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom and USA. Currently, Host1Plus is regarded has one of the most successful web hosting websites.

Main Features of Host1Plus

  • Host1Plus provides guaranteed unlimited web hosting with 99.9% network uptime. This means you will have a stable and reliable network for your end customers.
  • Unlimited and faster bandwidth means higher disk space and your customers can now browse your website 24/7, download web content, buy products, without facing any error message.
  • Host1Plus provides world class technical and customer support through emails, phone, ticket and live chat. No matter what time, help is just a phone call away. The support staff is well acquainted with the website and more than happy to assist you in case of any emergency.
  • Host1Plus has service stations located in Asia, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Holland and Lithuania. They’re currently in the process of expanding their network. This allows them to provide highest quality placement of websites. Now, through their world class hosting, you will be able to manage world wide servers from a single console.
  • Host1Plus goes to extreme length to make their customers happy. If you are a Host1Plus customer, chances are you will find offers and promotions for most of the billing cycles. In addition to making the existing and new customers feel special; this also saves a lot of money for their dedicated customers.

Host1Plus is secure, fast, and flexible. They have the most reasonable unlimited bandwidth plan on internet. Switch today to experience Host1Plus.

VPS Hosting

While some might think Host1Plus is a new company, there is a lot that work in their favor. For example, Host1Plus has a unique approach to VPS hosting. They allow their customers to choose the amount of hosting and computing resources they would need to run their business and pay only for that specific amount. This is especially helpful if your business needs varied VPS resource every month. The VPS servers of Host1Plus are located in Germany, so Forex bankers located in the European Union can get the fastest connection by switching to Host1Plus.

24/7 Support

Another aspect that makes Host1Plus stand out from their competitors is the 24/7 customer and web hosting support. The Host1Plus team consists of efficient programmers, technicians, web designers and market specialists who provided optimum support for web hosting, web design and additional support needed to run your website.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Host1Plus Web Hosting features include the most popular unlimited bandwidth facility for “Maxi” users. What’s more, all users get unlimited hosted domains and domain pointers, regardless of the plan. There are unlimited sub domains, MySQL database and PostgreSQL database for the Maxi users at just $5.40 a month. But if you want to go for a cheaper web hosting feature, take the “Mini” package for just $2.95 per month.